Are Cinemas Up in the Air?

February 14, 2010

When I recently calibrated the picture for my LCD and blu-ray player, I made a mental note to be extremely observant next time I went to a movie theater.  I was going to be especially mindful of the color tones, detail, contrast and sound quality.  The other evening, my wife and I saw “Up in the Air” staring George Clooney in the theater.  While I enjoyed the movie’s story and acting, the film’s picture quality was poor.  I could understand that scenes with stock imagery shots of cities might be a little grainy, but most of the film had dull colors and it was just plain old dirty (occasionally spots and circles would jump on the screen).  Overall the sound was good but it would occasionally drop out.  It almost felt like watching a movie back in junior high when the A/V squad spent half the time untangling the film.  I don’t know if the problem was with the print itself or the projector.  If you are going to spend ten dollars for a ticket, wouldn’t you at least expect the same quality you had at home?  While theaters are spending lots of money to upgrade to the latest 3D technology, they should probably make sure all of the theaters in the multiplex are up to snuff.

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