Hands On with the Harmony 700 Remote

March 7, 2010

Last week, I was deciding between the Harmony One and Harmony 700 remotes.  I went with the lower cost Harmony 700 and so far I have been pleased with the purchase.  Some notables:

  • The 700 does not have the glossy finish of the Harmony One.  While it may look as high-end”, it is more functional as it does not pick up fingerprints
  • Replacing the old remote was easy with Harmony’s software.  There’s a button for “replace my remote” and a few clicks later the 700 was running.
  • The color screen is very functional and provides the most used functions.
  • There’s no longer a need to buy batteries!  With the supplied USB cable and plug, it can be charged over night when the batteries run out.  One week in, there has been no need to recharge.
  • Ergonomics:  It always takes to time to get used to a new layout but I am getting there.  The remote is easy to grip and the buttons are well placed.
  • One way around the six device limitation:  My old Harmony remote had eight devices and their software brought eight over when I “replaced my remote”.
  • There are other features like placing icons for your favorite channels on the color screen but I have not figured that out yet. 

Overall a great product and short money to help you enjoy your home theater!

2 Responses to Hands On with the Harmony 700 Remote

  1. David Feller on March 12, 2010 at 12:47 pm

    I use a harmony one, and one thing I think is not taken into account with the 700 is the "beauty" – yeah that sounds strange, but what the wife likes is what we buy…

    On another note, I'd like to talk to you sometime about a couple of new HowTO guides I think would be popular with your readers – A new Build your own DVR guide (at http://www.bocsco.com/dvr) and a DIY low voltage wiring guide (whole home distribution entertainment and security) at http://www.bocsco.com/wholehome

  2. Gabe Gagliano on March 13, 2010 at 9:20 pm

    Thanks for the comment Dave! I do agree that the Harmony One has more style. Yes, the WAF: wife acceptance factor is very important part of a home theater. While I have been using the new Harmony, my wife is still using the old Tivo remote.

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