Ralph Kramden Finally Gets 3D?

March 16, 2010

What’s the next big thing in home theater?  According to the manufacturers and the trade press, it’s 3D TV.  If you’re a Honeymooners fan, you know that Ralph Kramden has been waiting 55 years for this.  At this year’s consumer electronics show, 3D televisions and blu-ray players were all the rage.  For the moment, I am very apprehensive.  Like any new technology, there are going to be a number of issues.  To be an early adopter, you will have to pay a premium.  There will be compatibility issues given the number of players involved (cable company, blu-ray author, equipment manufacturers).  Get used to doing firmware updates to your TV and blu-ray player.  There will be a limited amount of programs and blu-rays in 3D in the short term.  One of the other barriers is that you have to wear the glasses.  Besides the literal headaches you may get, most new 3D TVs will only come with one pair of glasses and it costs at least $100 for each additional pair.  if you want to invite your friends over for the game, they can’t use their Samsung 3D glasses to watch the game on your Panasonic 3D set since they’re proprietary.

On a positive note, this should result in a price decrease for non-3D equipment.   

Truth be told, I have not seen the technology in action yet.  Seeing it will help me decide if this is going to catch on or not.  If it is, I still think waiting at least a year is the thing to do.  I am looking forward to going to see one of the demos that Best Buy is setting up in many of its stores.  You can find more information about it by going to http://www.bestbuy.com/3D.  In the meantime, here’s a word from our sponsor Ralph Kramden:

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