Essential Freeware for Your Mac!

May 2, 2010

One of my buddies just pulled the trigger on the new 13″ MacBook Pro at a big box electronics store that price matched the best deal on the web.  After he told me about the score, I said I would share with him my favorite and essential downloads for the my iMac.  I hope he’s enjoying his insanely great laptop!  Most of these downloads all have free versions:

  • Perian which gives QuickTime the ability to support other video and audio formats
  • Flip4Mac: Playing of Windows Media files in QuickTime.
  • Seashore, a free image editor
  • Zipeg to deal with all of those pesky zipped and compressed files
  • iTivo allows you to upload and download shows to your TiVo as well as sync them with iTunes (and therefore your iphone or ipod).  Yes, it’s a great way to watch TV shows on the go.
  • Boxee a media center front end for the MAC.  It lets you watch many of the free TV shows on the web.
  • Google Earth:  Always fun with the kids!
  • Firefox web browser in case you want things like the google toolbar.
  • ClamXav:  A Free virus scanner for the MAC.  Actually it’s the only free virus scanner for the MAC I could find.  With Snow Leopard, its less important, but its still good to have it around for piece of mind.
  • Remote Desktop for PCs:  If you need to remote control PCs you have at home or the office this is handy especially when paired with the iMac’s awesome screen.
  • LogMeIn: Remotely control your Mac from wherever you are.  
  • VLC:  An open source media player that can handle a ton of formats and streaming video.

On top of that, there are a ton of free dashboard widgets you can load up on your Mac as well.   Any other suggestions, please comment.

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