New Low Priced Harmony Remotes Released

May 10, 2010

FYI, if you are looking for a lower priced alternative to the Harmony 700 remote reviewed here a few weeks ago, say hello to the Harmony 650 and 600 remotes.  They are very similar to the 700.  However, while the 700 does not require regular batteries (it comes its own rechargeable batteries and charger) these remotes do.  Also, the 700 can control up to six devices while the new models can only control up to five. The 600 also only has a monochrome screen. Reports are that they both have the same ergonomic feel as the 700.   The 650 is priced at around $100 while the 600 is at $50.  Given you can get the 700 for only $20 more, it’s a little puzzling why Logitech came out with both of these models; probably the 600 would have been enough and is a good deal at $50.

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