Framechannel Teases on TiVo (Review)

June 23, 2010

I recently took the new Framechannel service for TiVo for a spin.  It appears it was originally designed to drive Internet content especially pictures to digital photo frames.  The service does not translate well to TiVo.  To sum it up, it’s a tease.  Most of the channels display a small snipet of information but that’s it; there’s no way to drill down and see more.  You have to go to a web browser on your computer to see the additional content.  The New York Times channel simply displays headlines.  Either the service needs to provide more info or launch a web browser on TiVo (well, if there was web browser on TiVo).  Facebook shows three status updates at most and the status can easily get cut off.  It’s really clear this service was designed for a small photo frame, not a device that connects to your large HDTV.  On the positive side, the service is free, easy to set up and there is a wide selection of channels.  The best channel I found was the “Framechannel local” which serves up information about your town (weather, news, lottery, etc..).  The service can be set up so content from the different channels is served up in a continuos loop (with lots of options on how often and what channels display when).  In the end, you’ll get more satisfaction looking at content like this on your computer or smartphone.

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