DVR Roundup

July 15, 2010

There’s been a lot happening lately in the world of digital video recorders (DVRs).  Here’s the roundup:

Sony, TiVo, NCTA and others chime in on CableCARD’s replacement.  Don’t hold your breath for a cable card replacement.

TiVo Supplies Software Update for Stability A simliar story also ran in May.
RCN offers TiVo Premiere in Boston; Philadelphia, Chicago are next.  Too bad I can’t get RCN in my area.

TiVo Premier Avaiable on Suddenlink Cable System (without Amazon or similar services)

DirecTV’s Whole Home DVR Now Available ($3)

Comcast’s New Multi-Room 500GB DVR

Comcast adds remote scheduling and multi-room DVR for Oregon and Washington customers.  However, they neglect to mention when the rest of the us can get this.  It could determine the winner of the Fios versus comcast battle.

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