TiVo Versus Windows Media Center

August 6, 2010

Engadget recently posted a comparison between the TiVo Premier and Windows Media Center.  The side by side was very thorough with the slight victory handed to Windows Media Center.  However, if you are looking for something that’s easy to setup and use, they recommend the latest TiVo.  For me, TiVo is the clear winner here since watching TV should be easy.  In addition, one thing I learned is that Microsoft’s software also powers the Verizon FIOS DVR.  Incidentally, while I have not made the FIOS versus Comcast decision yet, I’ve decided that I can’t go with the FIOS DVR since it holds under 20 hours of programming.  

Tags: comcast, dvr, FIOS, TiVo, Windows Media Center

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