Streaming Content from your Mac to TiVo and back again

October 19, 2010

There’s been a lot of hype recently around the release of the latest Roku, AppleTV and the Google TV set top boxes.  Ironically enough, you can enjoy similar functionality with your existing TiVo and computer (Mac or PC).  Out of the box, the Series3 and Premier TiVos have a number of options to stream content.  Some examples include  NetFlix, Amazon Video On Demand as well as YouTube (Pandora was just added today for Series3!).  With some additional software on your home computer, you can create a powerful system that will let you enjoy your movies, music and shows on you HDTV, computer and mobile device (your iPod or iPhone). For the next few posts, the Hub will focus on several of these solutions for the Mac (most exist for the PC as well).  And remember, you could win a free TiVo wireless adapter to help you implement streaming nirvana.

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