Tivo Tools: TiVo Desktop for Mac

October 28, 2010

We recently looked at pyTiVo and it’s ability to serve up content to your TiVo.  Unfortunately, it’s ability to share photos is currently broken.  As an alternative, TiVo supplies a free version of TiVo Desktop for the Mac that serves out both your photos and iTunes library. 

Installing the app is simple, go to the Tivo Desktop page and download either the Leopard or Snow Leopard version of the app.  Double click the .pkg file and go through the wizard.  After the installation, you won’t find an icon in the applications folder, you need to go to the “Settings” app and you will see the Tivo Desktop icon

Clicking the icon, gives you two screens.  There’s very little to change.  Click the “Start” button to start serving photos and music out to your TiVo.  You can chose to only serve out subsets.  Furthermore, you can change the name of  share that appears in your TiVo menu.

That’s it.  If you leave TiVo desktop started, it will be automatically enabled when you start the Mac.  The music interface on your TiVo is identical to pyTiVo’s.

If you looking to only serve photos and music to your TiVo from your Mac, TiVo Desktop is an easy to use and free application that gets the job done.

Also, it will be about another week before we pick the winner of the TiVo wireless adapter.

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