Netflix tips on Apple TV

February 7, 2011

In our recent Netflix player shootout, Apple TV (ATV2) won for the best overall experience. Watching Netflix on the Apple TV, the Hub learned some not so obvious features:

  • While watching a show or movie, hit the up arrow twice on the remote. A TiVo-like channel banner will be displayed. This banner displays a thumbnail of the show, description and rating.
  • Clicking the remote’s down arrow displays a progress bar with hash marks added in. It breaks up the program into twenty sections of equal length.  For a regular US TV show, it results in a skip of two minutes and a few seconds. For a two hour movie, it’s a six minute skip. By hitting the left or right arrows on the remote, one can jump between the increments.  Very convenient as a quick way to get to your favorite scene.
  • Holding down the “Menu” button on the remote exits from any portion of the Netflix player and returns to the top ATV menu.
Apple TV’s Show Banner

    The Two Minute Skip

    We’re also working on figuring out why the PS3′s Netflix interface changed for some many folks recently. Send any info have in the contact form in the “About Tech of the Hub” page or leave a comment below. Thanks!!

    Update: These tips are also applicable when watching iTunes content on Apple TV.

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