Netflix Tips: What’s the Bitrate Kenneth?

February 5, 2011

With all of the time the Hub has spent on Netflix recently, we’ve learned a few tricks along the way that we’d like to share.

Would you like to know the bitrate or quality Netflix is currently streaming at? When you start a movie, some clients display an initial quality bar and the only way to see it again is to exit the movie and restart it (or if the device has to rebuffer). Both the Wii and PS3 Netflix clients can display the program’s current streaming quality.

  • On the PS3, if you have the Blu-ray remote, click the “Display” button. On the regular PS3 controller, press the “Select” button. In the upper left hand corner, the PS3 will display the quality of the stream. The first part states the current quality (X-High, High, Medium, Low).  The second part tells you if the source material is in SD or HD. X-High means you are getting the highest quality stream available from Netflix (it would be nice if the actual bitrate was displayed).  Unfortunately, there’s been no official explanation as to what range of bitrates each of the categories corresponds to. The type of soundtrack is also listed (stereo, Dolby Digital)
  • On the Wii, press the “2″ button on the Wiimote for a good second.  In the upper left hand corner, the current bitrate of the steam will be displayed.  Neat! 
PS3′s Quality Display

    Stay tuned for more tips!

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