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March 5, 2011

This past week the Hub has been surveying local electronics stores in the Greater Boston area. It’s the end of the model year for certain manufacturers and devices; most notably blu-ray players and HDTVs from LG and Samsung. It’s a good time to purchase if you don’t care about getting the latest and greatest.

In Reading, a visit to Paul’s TV at Jordan’s revealed an open box specials table not seen before.  It had a selection of soundbars, receivers and home theater in a box systems. In addition, Sears has marked down a number of their TVs and blu-ray players but they didn’t have any open box specials.

The most abundant finds were at Best Buy.  The Best Buy in Saugus had an indoor tent covering a large number of big screen TVs.  Best Buy appears to have two forms of open box specials:  Items that are actually still in their original box but were returned for some reason versus floor models with missing remotes or manuals. The later are usually marked down more.  Since blu-ray players usually just sit there and aren’t hooked up in Best Buy those can be a good deal assuming you have a universal remote.

The Hub landed up purchasing an entry level LG open box blu-ray player for $90.  It’s the LG BD550 which comes with a number of loaded apps including Netflix, Vudu and Pandora.  It also loads up blu-rays fairly quickly. Yep, it looks like we have another competitor for our Netflix player competition. More to come.

What are you missing if you purchase now and don’t wait for the new models?  In the case of the LG’s blu-ray players, some of their new models come with 3-D capability as well as access to their new app store. Incidentally, there’s not too many apps in their store right now so you’re not missing much.  Both the the new Samsung TVs and blu-ray players will come with their new Smart TV app platform (some existing models already have it). Samsung’s new LED TVs will have ultra-thin bezels.

For those of you who are retail averse, many of the same deals can be had on Amazon. Happy shopping!

Update: In Sunday’s ads, Paul’s TV and Best Buy are now advertising the arrival of new blu-ray and HDTV models.  In particular, models from LG, Samsung and Panasonic.  They have also started to advertise some clearance deals as well.

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