TiVo Updates the Series3 and TivoHD

March 2, 2011

Just when you thought TiVo was only focused on the Premiere, there have been a number of enhancements to the Series3 platform as of late. In particular,

  • Pandora was released for the Series3 last October
  • TiVo is about to roll out a software patch to fix stability issues for the Series3 Netflix client (version 11.0k). The Netflix client will be more resilient when it has network connectivity issues.
  • TiVo announced the other day their iPad app would include “limited” support for Series3 boxes (as well as some of the cable-branded boxes).

Finally, with the release of Amazon’s new Instant streaming service, TiVo announced on their Facebook page, they would be updating their Amazon client. There’s been no indication if that support will include the Series3.

While there’s been no shortage of announcements coming out of TiVo, the actual execution tends to be wrought with delays (DirectTivo, Virgin TiVo, Insignia sets with TiVo, etc…). The Hub hopes that the recent developments bulleted above are positive portents that TiVo is going to dedicate more resources to updating and improving the platform. That’s why we pay TiVo a monthly service fee. If TiVo would upgrade their Amazon and Netflix clients and finished up the new HD inteface on the Premiere, we may be inclined to purchase one.

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