Building a Home Theater PC: Hardware Suggestions

May 2, 2011

I’ve built a couple of home theater PCs (HTPC) back in the day. With all of the dedicated streaming boxes such as Apple TV, Boxee and Roku on the market, it’s not as popular to build your own HTPC nowadays. Most of my experience was with MythTV, a fully functional freeware DVR and media center. Friends have had a lot of success with Windows Media Center and SageTV as well. Our colleagues over at the Missing Remote have put together a concise guide to choosing the hardware for the HTPC you’re about to build. They only briefly covered the hardware for receiving television or cable broadcasts.

In the Hub, I use a dual tuner HD Homerun paired with a Terk indoor antenna. Other folks have been excited about the new Ceton Infinitv4 Quad-tuner Cardor the upcoming HD Homerun Prime which both take cable cards. Regardless, the article makes me want to dust off the old home theater PC. Enjoy.

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