How Many Remote Controls Does Your House Have?

May 31, 2011

And now a few words from Tech of the Hub’s wife…

I don’t want a Kindle. I love real, honest-to-goodness, paper-based books. My cell phone is a $9.99 model used only for making phone calls and taking the occasional picture of the kids—by choice. When my computer—or my operating system or whatever causes it—freezes and I have to re-boot, or unplug it and plug it back in, or curse at it, I just want it to work. I don’t want the big explanation about why re-booting or re-plugging was necessary (Tech of the Hub doesn’t endorse cursing as a legitimate remedy)—I just want the d*&! computer to let me continue working.

I’m sure that many of you techie types are now shaking your heads and empathizing with poor Tech of the Hub (“WHY on earth would he marry such a technology-challenged person?” Short answer: we’re both history buffs, we have a similarly goofy sense of humor, and we love The Hub (Boston) ). Just humor me, the technology-challenged wife, for a moment while I pose this question: How many remotes do you gadget geeks have?

If the answer is “more than one” (and I know it is), my questions are: do you have multiple remotes by choice, to torture the other members of your household? Do you promise your less gizmo-savvy family that you will put everything on one remote, and then just not get around to it? The Hub claims this is why his “no new remotes” promise is broken so often; however, I suspect it’s a form of technology hoarding. Just as buying several new books at once makes me sublimely happy, even though I know it will be months or years before I get through them all, the Hub gets some sense of inner “all is right with the world”ism from the pile of—let’s see, 9 remotes, currently (and that’s only downstairs—God only knows how many he has up in his lair) that are piled in front of the TV (52,” which he thinks is too small and I think is too large).

Seriously, 9 remotes? Ironically, there is a universal Harmony remote. “Oh, yeah, I’ll get to get to that soon,” he says but then he buys another device. All I want to do is watch Masterpiece Classic (yes, I do now care that it’s in HD) without it being an act of Congress. Which remote do I use? Is Apple TV hooked up? Is Roku on? Will this affect my remote choice? Half the time, the picture and the sound don’t work at the same time—is this related to the remote? Can’t we just have ONE remote that does it all?

Other techies, please weigh in. Do you derive satisfaction from watching us suffer? Or are you just too busy with higher-level tech stuff to remember this mundane issue of putting everything on one remote so that we technology-challenged mortals can just plop down on the couch, pick up ONE remote, press ONE button, and get instant TV gratification?

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One Response to How Many Remote Controls Does Your House Have?

  1. JohnO on July 5, 2011 at 7:20 pm

    Get the Harmony One remote. It has strengthened my marriage. This one remote controls:

    TiVo DVR
    Apple TV
    Panasonic Blu-ray player
    Sony Home Theatre receiver
    Sony VCR
    Panasonic TV

    The web based setup takes some time, but I'd expect the Mr. Of the house would take it as a challenge…


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