Amazon Beefs Up Prime Streaming Catalog

June 22, 2011

Today, Amazon announced the addition of one thousand new TV shows and movies to their all-you-can-watch offering for Amazon Prime members (announcement below). For $79 a year, Amazon Prime customers receive free two-day shipping on their purchases. In February, Amazon added a streaming video library at no extra cost. This offering was functionally similar to Netflix’s on-line streaming service but with far fewer titles. Here are some of the additions to the Prime library. How many titles does Amazon need to add before they’re competitive with Netflix? Another way to ask the question is how many [quality] titles are required before Prime members start canceling their Netflix memberships? Don’t forget, it’s estimated there are 7.5 million Amazon Prime members.

Unfortunately, many of the added TV shows were not in high definition (HD). When we last counted in April, there were about 27 TV seasons in HD. With today’s announcement, the number increased to 36 with some notable additions such as The Sarah Conner Chronicles. On the HD movie front, it’s more difficult to get exact numbers as there’s no easy way to search for  them in Amazon’s catalog. Don’t worry though, we have our best people on it. Stay tuned.

Update: We’ve found a total of 229 HD movies out of a total of 1,996 titles in the Amazon Prime catalog. Our new method is much more accurate than the old one and we’ve updated the Streaming Comparison grid.

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