Netflix Updates on the PS3

June 11, 2011

Today, when the Hub went to fire up Netflix on the Playstation3, the Netflix app asked to upgrade itself and it installed a new version: 2.0.3. On the surface, there does not appear to be any big changes with this version. One still needs to be signed into the Playstation Network to use Netflix. What’s interesting is that the new version is smaller at 16 MB versus the original version the Hub installed last December, which was 18 MB. What’s different? The only difference I noticed was that titles that would soon expire out of the Netflix catalog are now flagged (screen cap below). Netflix makes minor user interface tweaks to their HTML5 version all the time so this may have nothing to with the update (or given its flagged on so few titles, I just may have not noticed it before). If you notice any material differences in this version email us or comment below.

New PS3 interface. Notice the expiration notice in the bottom right corner (click to enlarge)

Also, based on what appears to be a higher volume of complaints this week on the various forums, Netflix seems to have changed the interface for a number of its PS3 users. It appears that most folks now have the ”new” HTML5 version that the Hub received last February (see the Related Posts link below to see the before and after pictures).

This is all on the heels of Sony announcing that the PS3 is the leading device for watching Netflix streaming with 30% of the viewing. Not surprising, given that Sony has sold over 50 million consoles worldwide. The Wii must also have significant Netflix streaming numbers as well given there over 84 million out there. However, given the frustration that folks have voiced over their new Netflix interface and the recent Playstation Network outage, will the PS3 still reign supreme as the number one Netflix device?

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