Apple Adds Closed Captions to New TV Shows

September 13, 2011

Appleinsider reported today that Apple has started enabling closed captions on some of this fall’s new TV shows via iTunes. The shows, which can be purchased on iTunes, are accessible from all iOS and Mac devices. As we previously reported, before this, iTunes only offered closed captions for movies. However, the number of closed captioned movies on iTunes has significantly increased over the last six months.

We tested out the new functionality this morning. On the iPad, we had no problems using closed captions. To try it out, you can download the free pilot episode of New Girl from iTunes. To enable closed captions on the iPad, you need to go to “Settings” and then click on “Video”. You will then see an option to enable captions. On iTunes for the Mac and PC, there’s simply a button to click in the content’s navigation controls.
There’s a similar setting for Apple TV 2 under the “Audio and Video Settings”. However, when we enabled it, Apple TV did not display closed captions on the screen. Have we missed a setting or do we need to wait for an Apple TV update?

Update: It appears it was a bug in Apple TV. The latest version of Apple TV, 4.4, fixes the problem.

New Girl with closed captions on the iPad
iPad settings for closed captions

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