CEDIA 2011 Wrap-up

September 12, 2011

We’re back from CEDIA 2011 and to wrap up our coverage, the Hub has put together a quick slide show. Click here to see our other 2011 CEDIA coverage. A few notes on things we haven’t covered yet:

  • The new Pioneer Elite HDTVs blew us away! While it’s an LED LCD and not a plasma, you would be hard pressed to tell the difference given the black levels demonstrated. THX certified, it’s the best LCD we’ve seen to date. It’s available in both 60″ and 70″ versions costing $5,999 and $8,499 respectively. While we have a video of the Elite demo, we’re not showing it since it doesn’t do the product justice. I included a few screen shots in the slide show just so you could see the UI. Not what we would recommend for the budget home theater, but it’s great to have a new reference point to judge all others against.
  • Sony’s new ES receivers. Another high-end product, the new models sport a piano key-like UI that will also be in their Android and iOS control apps. It’s also the first set of receivers I’ve seen with Netflix built in.
  • CEDIA’s Future Technology Pavilion. CEDIA built out a model home of the future. This is a place where all of your counter tops and end tables are charging stations or provide power to appliances. Our friends over at Raveshows put together a couple of videos showing the kitchen and bedroom of the future. 

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