LG Optimus V On Sale and Netflix Update

September 11, 2011

Our budget smart phone, the Android LG Optimus V is on sale at Amazon and Best Buy again. You can purchase the phone for under $130 at both places. The Best Buy sale is valid through September 17th. The phone comes with Virgin Mobile’s no contract wireless service which uses the Sprint network. Follow the links below to see our review of the Optimus V. Update (9/26): Best Buy just dropped the price to $99.

In other LG Optimus V news, an official Netflix client was released for the phone and a large number of other Android devices recently. For the Optimus V, you can simply download the app from the Android Marketplace. If you already followed our instructions to install the APK file a few months ago, simply update the app from the Marketplace. The official release fixes some of the nagging problems we saw before like the green bar at the top of the screen.

One of the best things about the Virgin Mobile service is that it offers unlimited web and texting for a very competitive price. Unfortunately, Virgin Mobile recently announced heavy data users will be subject to bandwidth throttling starting in October. Ahhh, just in time for my potential upgrade to the iPhone 5. Once a customer exceeds 2.5 GB, their bandwidth will be throttled down for the remainder of the month. So, be careful how much you watch Netflix on your phone.

LG Optimus V

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One Response to LG Optimus V On Sale and Netflix Update

  1. Rock That on September 12, 2011 at 10:08 pm

    It rocks doesn't it! I'm glad they just finally decided to release it all proper like for most Androids. 

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