TiVo Premiere Elite Announced and Other Tidbits

September 8, 2011

For the CEDIA show, TiVo announced their new high end DVR, the four tuner Premiere Elite. Similar to the Premiere Q offered to cable providers, it will be available at Best Buy’s Magnolia Home Theater stores, on-line and for custom installers. What distinguishes the Elite from the Q, is the 2 TB of storage providing 300 hours of space for HD recordings (The Q has a 500 GB drive). The Elite will be offered for $499 at retail plus the cost of the monthly or Lifetime service plan. It’s nice to see a high-end DVR on the market again. Note, before the box can be sold, TiVo is waiting for a FCC waiver to be approved since it does not include over-the-air analog tuners. Update: The FCC has granted the waiver.

Looking over the specs, I was surprised to find that the Premiere Elite is also a MoCA bridge. What’s MoCA? It’s basically a way to network your house using the cable TV (or FIOS) coax instead of cat5 ethernet. So, if you had multiple Premiere Elites on your network, only one of them would need to be connected to ethernet. This would save you the trouble of running more ethernet around your house. In this configuration, they could transfer video files to one another and isolate that traffic from the rest of your network. Thinking about, I don’t really think folks are going to go out and buy a bunch of Premiere Elites. Maybe TiVo is laying the groundwork (or coax) for their cable provider only Preview box to come to retail.
We also learned a few other interesting tidbits at the TiVo booth. For one, the TiVo Premiere XL is not going away. Since the Elite is aimed at the customer installer and higher end of the market, the XL fills the niche for folks who simply want recording capacity and THX certification.
Also, we overheard that the TiVo to TiVo streaming functionality that was recently removed will be returning soon. Stay Tuned.
Introducing the Premiere Elite
TiVo Premiere Elite

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  1. mattack on September 9, 2011 at 12:14 am

    I think the waiver is for lack of analog tuners, not OTA.

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