HBO Go Coming to the Roku

October 11, 2011

HBO Go will be available as a Roku channel for all Roku devices by the end of the month. Roku and HBO sent out a joint statement this morning making the announcement. In addition, Roku also announced their new entry-level $50 streaming device, the Roku LT, that supports 720P and wireless. The LT will be available for sale in early November.

I’ve also learned that HBO Go on the Roku will stream in high definition (HD) 720P (assuming the Roku model supports HD) for most titles. The other HBO Go apps currently available, which are web browser based (Boxee and Google TV), appear only to stream in standard definition (SD). Initially, the channel will offer stereo sound but HBO will offer 5.1 surround sound as well as 1080P video in the “near future”.

Keep in mind that you need to be an HBO subscriber through your cable or satellite system to use the channel on the Roku. The addition of HBO Go makes the Roku an even more compelling streaming device. On top of that, we expect a new firmware update to be availalbe later this month to correct the Netflix picture problems we previously encountered. As the new Roku 2 is now available for sale at Walmart, the only thing I’m wondering is, “Where is VUDU?”

Update: It’s November and where’s HBO Go? Well, “soon” is the official word from Roku, so sit tight.

Update (11/3/2011): Read here about our hands-on test of HBO Go on the Roku! Enjoy.

HBO Go is coming to the Roku
HBO Go will be in HD but not yet in surround
The New Roku LT

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One Response to HBO Go Coming to the Roku

  1. bayouborne on October 26, 2011 at 8:24 am

    Depending on the feeds, I'd pay $5-10 a month to get an HBO feed alone direct to my Roku (leaving Comcast and the 'new' AT&T far behind..)

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