Airplay Alternatives to Apple TV

November 8, 2011

It’s easy to assume that one needs to have an Apple TV to use Airplay. Airplay is Apple’s technology that allows you to stream music, video or photos from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac OS X computer. What you may not know is that there are alternatives to Apple TV as an Airplay receiver. Several A/V receivers on the market now include the ability to function as Airplay audio receivers. In particular, we tested out the Pioneer VSX-1021. Having Airplay embedded in the receiver makes it even easier to use. Just by selecting the Pioneer receiver as your Airplay output device, the receiver automatically switches inputs, saving you the hassle.

The other Airplay receiver we looked at was the D-link Boxee. Airplay functionally was recently introduced in a Boxee firmware update. Unlike Airplay-enabled receivers, the Boxee also supports video streaming from iOS devices. While the Boxee could handle video from YouTube, high resolution video posed a problem. Overall, the Boxee’s implementation of Airplay was a little buggy. Given the recent release of iOS5 and the new Boxee firmware, it will take a little time before all of the bugs get ironed out.
Configuring both devices to support Airplay was a snap. Watch the video to learn more and see how to set up Airplay on the D-link Boxee and the Pioneer VSX-1021. Enjoy the show.

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