TiVo Premiere Updates to 14.9, Major Release Next Year

November 18, 2011

The new quad-tuner TiVo Premiere Elite shipped with version 14.9 of the TiVo software. The base Premiere model and the Premiere XL were at version 14.8 at the time, so folks have been anticipating this upgrade. There are reports the version 14.9 has now started to roll out to regular Premiere and XL units (no sign of 14.9 on my Premiere yet except for a long download last night). According to a tweet late last night from TiVo’s chief design officer (@tivodesign), the update for the standard Premiere and XL:

tivodesign TiVo Margret Schmidt
@shanselman This update enabled the 2nd core, and will let us update the iOS apps for better connectivity

Enabling the second core on the processor should give your TiVo a performance boost. The Premiere Elites also received an update containing bug fixes. In particular, it solved a problem that was causing the box to reboot. The update is also laying the groundwork to work better with TiVo’s iPad and iPhone apps.

Unfortunately, it appears TiVo to TiVo streaming was not re-enabled in this update. Some time ago, it was briefly enabled for Premiere units but was then disabled. Hopefully, we’ll see that functionality along with the new Netflix client in the next version. We also know from Margret Schmidt that we won’t be seeing the next release of the TiVo software (version 16) till next year:

tivodesign TiVo Margret Schmidt

@shanselman This was a minor release. We’ll have a major one early next year.

I’m doing some more investigating to find out if anything else has changed in 14.9. I’ll update the post as I learn more. TiVo staggers the roll out so it may be two to three weeks before some folks receive it.

Update: TiVo confirms that no additional features have been introduced with 14.9. It’s limited to bug fixes and under-the-hood functionality.

Update 2: While the core TiVo software did not include any new functionality, there’s a new version of the HD menu system (1.9.2). This update is supposed to integrate listings from Hulu Plus into TiVo’s search results. My TiVo hasn’t received the update yet so I haven’t seen it myself. Please comment if you have seen it.

Update 3: The latest word via Twitter is that integrated Hulu Plus search results may not be enabled yet. The good news is we now know it’c coming.

Update (12/18): I finally received this weekend. Given the version number, there was some hiccup in the roll-out. Also, TiVo has indicated we won’t see Hulu Plus search integration and room-to-room streaming (MRS) until early next year. Next is the next major release!

Thanks to @TechWzrd and @Brennokbob for the heads up

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3 Responses to TiVo Premiere Updates to 14.9, Major Release Next Year

  1. Tim on November 20, 2011 at 1:34 am

    I did notice that if you use the 30 second skip on the premiere elite, the text goes outside the box.  It's minor, but odd that something like that would be affected by an update like this.

  2. flakefrost on December 8, 2011 at 2:24 am

    australia is still stuck with oldschool tivo… quad hd tuners would be nice… extra storage would also be nice :)

  3. Anonymous on December 17, 2011 at 1:05 pm

    Since 14,9, I can delete shows from one dvr while viewing on another. Keeps me from running around the house and cleaning my dvrs, can do it from the one I use the most.

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