Flood of Streaming Player Updates

December 22, 2011

The last couple of weeks many of the connected devices (i.e. boxes that plug into your TV) have received software updates. In the style of Chris Berman, let me see if I can give you the run down in  three minutes:

The folks at Roku have been busy! The Roku 2 and new LT received an update to version 4.2.1006. This version added support for improved game graphics, the ability to play MKV files as well as Wi-Fi and audio fixes. The update also added support for the new Roku iPhone remote control app. This week, the Amazon Instant Video Channel was updated. To finish it up, even first generation Rokus received an update. Nice touch.
Roku LT
Roku 2 LT

Apple TV 2 is now in the habit of receiving lots of minor updates. The latest, 4.4.4, addresses general performance and stability issues Hmmm, like when my Apple TV forgot all of settings a few weeks ago?

Apple TV 2 box
Will Apple TV be a TV in 2012?

The Western Digital TV Live boxes received an update that enabled VUDU and a number of other video streaming services. Yes, VUDU on the WD supports 1080P and up to Dolby Digital 7.1. The WD update also included a Android and iOS remote control for the boxes.
Speaking of VUDU, it was also added to Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Like the newly updated version of Netflix for the Xbox, this version of VUDU is limited to 720P. Yes, I was surprised too since VUDU has offered access to its 1080P HDX video format on almost every connected device it’s on. Apparently, this is due to a limitation in the software toolkit provided by Microsoft. 

TiVo also got into the act. After finishing the minor update to 14.9 on the Premiere, TiVo released an updated iOS app earlier this week (v1.6). Besides bug fixes, the app makes it easier to jump into video on-demand offerings from Netflix, Amazon and Blockbuster. We’ll have to wait till 2012 for the next major update to the TiVo Premiere software.

Time’s up. Happy Holiday Streaming!

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