HBO GO via Connected Devices on Cablevision and Time Warner?

December 22, 2011

Recently, HBO announced that their HBO GO video streaming streaming service would be made available to both Cablevision and Time Warner cable subscribers (if you subscribe to HBO). In both press releases, it points out that you can watch HBO GO on both Apple and Android smart phones as well as tablets and PCs. What’s left out of the releases is whether or not connected devices such as the Roku and the XBox will be supported. HBO GO recently launched on the Roku and it’s coming to the Xbox in early 2012.

Our sources at HBO tell us that the Roku will be supported on Cablevision but not on Time Warner cable at this time (leaving the door open to supporting it later). It’s unknown on whether or not the XBox will be supported for either service. Our assumption is that connected devices that run the browser based version of HBO GO: Boxee, Google TV and or any device with a flash-enabled web browser should work fine with both services. Let us know!

One has to assume that the cable and satellite operators who have refused to support HBO GO on connected devices see it as a trojan horse. It lays the foundation for HBO to go direct to consumers down the road. However, HBO’s statements show they have no immediate interest in doing that. The cord-cutting universe is too small of an opportunity to upset the cable companies that supply them with roughly 28 million customers.

HBO GO will be available to Cablevision customers in January 2012. No specific date has been given for Time Warner yet.

HBO GO via Roku coming to Cablevision
Cablevision customers will be able to watch HBO GO on their Rokus

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