HBO GO Selects Dolby Digital Plus for Surround Sound

January 10, 2012

Some of the best content is now getting great sounding audio to go with it. It was announced today that HBO will utilize Dolby Digital Plus in its HBO GO streaming video app. The important word here is app. Connected devices that use the web-based version of HBO GO will probably not be able to enjoy Dolby Digital Plus. Update: The latest version of Flash does support Dolby Digital Plus so it depends if your device has Flash 11. The Roku 2 and Xbox apps should be able to implement Dolby Digital Plus fairly easily. The earlier Rokus are a open question since they can’t handle Dolby Digital Plus. Update: The poster below from the Dolby booth at CES would suggest that we’ll see more native HBO GO apps soon. Currently, HBO GO provides stereo sound for its streaming content. (Review of HBO GO on the Roku).

Dolby Digital Plus is becoming the choice for premium streaming video services to deliver high quality surround sound. Netflix, VUDU and Cinema Now already use Dolby Digital Plus in their services since it was designed to handle bandwidth constraints. I’m still investigating to find out when Dolby Digital Plus will become available to subscribers. HBO will have to do some work preparing the content and making software updates to its apps. Keep your ears open.

Dolby Digital Plus on HBO Go

Dolby Digital Plus is coming toHBO Go

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