Lenovo Demonstrates HDTV as part of 4 Screen Strategy: CES Unveiled

January 8, 2012

CES Unveiled 2012 is the first formal event unveiling products at the show. Words could not describe the carnival-like, crazy and energy-filled atmosphere. Well, here’s a couple of pictures that will describe it. In a few posts, here are a few of the interesting products I saw.

Entrance to CES Unveiled 2012Dish character at CES 2012 Unveiled









First up is Lenovo who demonstrated all of the devices in their four screen strategy: HDTV, tablet, PC and smartphone. In the video below, I ask the representative to walk us through the HDTV’s features. The TV is powered by their own custom version of Android (Ice Cream Sandwich), not Google TV. Lenovo will be providing their own app store as well. The TV will launch in China first so the video streaming services launching on the TV are focused on that market. Lenovo’s smart phones, tablets and PCs have the ability to stream video, photos or music to the Lenovo HDTV. Instead of Airplay, Lenovo has implemented their own technology called MagicShare. More in the video below (sorry for the choppiness but it was wall to wall people!).

Some thoughts on the TV itself. It’s a 1080P LED backlit set. The bezel was fairly thin but not the thinnest I’ve seen. Picture quality was outstanding. The picture was brilliant and was uniform. Off-angle viewing was also excellent. No pricing is available yet.

The set also comes with built-in voice recognition. Right now, it only supports Mandarin but Lenovo says they plan to tackle English next.


Lenovo Smart HDTV

Lenovo's New Smart TV


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