LG Announces New HDTV TVs with Big screens, Google TV and OLED

January 9, 2012

LG revealed its new line up of TVs at one of the first CES press conferences. What’s amazing about LG is the wide-array of products it offers: TVs, smart phones, Blu-ray players as well as washers, dryers and refrigerators.

LG Google TV

LG's new Google TV

LG kicked off the press conference announcing some of the biggest 3D TVs on the market. The largest LG 3D panel will now be a staggering 84 inches. In addition, they will offer 3D HDTVs in 55, 60 and 72 inch sizes. The bezels on some models will be as little as 1 mm in width, “setting a new standard for industrial design”.

LG also announced a number of enhancements to their Magic Remote. In addition to its Wii-like pointing, the remote now also supports voice commands, Kinect-like gestures and a scroling wheel. It seems like a lot of options to control the TV and potentially confusing.

LG stated that they will have two Smart TVs powered by Google TV. However, the majority of Smart TVs in their line will still use LG’s NetCast platform and app store. So, it looks like they’re just putting their toe into the water when it comes to Google TV. However, the LG Google TVs are not second-class. According to LG’s press release, the Google TV models will have access to LG’s differentiators such as the Magic Remote and their latest Cinema 3D technology. It will be interesting to see how the Google TVs are priced.

Like Lenovo and Apple, LG has its own technology for streaming video and music from its mobile devices to the big screen. LG’s Smart Sharing Plus now supports device mirroring as well as treating the TV as a supplemental screen. Also, LG will be the  first TV maker to embed support for Intel’s WiDi standard to receive a laptop’s video output wirelessly.

One more thing…

With a little bit of drama, LG waited near the end of their presentation to unveil their new OLED TV. From a distance, it looked like it had a stunning picture. Here are some of my initial thoughts about the set. We’ll see how I feel once I’ve been up close.

LG also announced some new Blu-ray players but didn’t have time to go into detail during the press conference. I’ll be spending  some quality time in the LG booth during the show so stay tuned fora hands-on report.



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2 Responses to LG Announces New HDTV TVs with Big screens, Google TV and OLED

  1. Free iPhone on January 11, 2012 at 5:08 pm

    Love this site!!!

  2. Benjamin Coolice on July 9, 2013 at 2:06 am

    Hi Techofthehub,
    Speaking of which, I’ve read the Yahoo webpage on their TV Widgets multiple times, plus browsed to the linked-in Sony site, but can’t find any instuctions on how to download or use the Widgets. I have a Sony Z series HDTV with a built-in ethernet port, so I think it should be supported.

    But I’m beginning to think that this is all still in the “vaporware” stage. They announced all this stuff in January, so where is it?
    Good Job!

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