Marvell Demonstrates New Google TV Chipset: CES Unveiled

January 8, 2012

Marvell was touting their new chipset that will be utilized by some of the new Google TV products to be announced at CES. Last year’s Google TV offerings used Intel chips. The Marvell chipset’s processor not only contains two ARM-based cores but also handles all of the HD video processing for the box and can decode two 1080P video streams simultaneously. Earlier chipset designs from Marvell kept the Qdeo video processing features (scaling, deinterlacing,etc..) on a separate chip, but this design incorporates it in the processor package. The result is a chip that consumes less power and costs less to produce. That’s important since one of the biggest criticisms of last year’s Sony and Logitech Google TV offerings was their higher price points.  The discontinued Logitech Revue used a Intel Atom processor but Intel says they are getting out the business of making chips for TVs and connected devices.

Marvell Google TV prototype

Marvell Google TV prototype

Given the specs of Marvell’s reference design, it should be able to handle 1080P video streams from Netflix, but I’ll confirm it.

In the video below, Marvell walks through some of the distinguishing features of the new chipset. Note, that the box in the video is a prototype simply for demonstration purposes. Marvell has not yet revealed which OEMs are going to utilize their chipset. More details on the Google TV reference design are here.

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