Sony’s Crystal LED HDTV Prototype

January 10, 2012

Sony displayed a 55-inch prototype of their new crystal LED display technology at CES 2012. Unlike a regular LCD which requires some form of backlighting, crystal LED technology consists of LEDs that self-illuminate. For each pixel, the panel uses three miniature LEDs, one for each primary color. At first glance, the crystal LED set does appear to have a superior picture with more brilliant colors and deeper blacks. Sony lined up the prototype against their top of the line LCD HDTV. According to Sony, the crystal LED has superior contrast ratio, faster response rate and supports a wider color gamut.

My undertanding from Sony was that both displays were being driven by the same Blu-ray source. Since Blu-ray’s color gamut is much more limited than what either the Crystal LED or LCD set can display, I’m a little puzzled how the Crystal LED was able to produce deeper colors given the limitations of the source. I’m investigating to figure out more. I’m also trying to figure out why its called “crystal”. A reminder that this is just a prototype, so Sony has not released any information on when its coming to market or potential pricing. Sony is still working on bringing OLED display to market as well. ┬áLearn more about and see this cutting-edge HDTV in the video:

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