TiVo Launches Version 20 for the Premiere

January 7, 2012

In a surprise move shortly after the release of 14.9, TiVo has started to push out a major update for all models of its Premiere DVR. The good news is that it brings a number of enhancements to TiVo’s user interface. On the streaming video side, Hulu Plus data is now integrated into TiVo’s search results. TiVo also re-enabled multi-room streaming (MRS) between boxes. It’s functionality that lets you watch a program stored on one TiVo on a TiVo in another room almost instantly (as opposed to the existing Multi-Room Viewing functionality which copies it). The bad news is that you’ll have to wait longer for the update to the Netflix and Amazon Instant Video clients. Given TiVo has stated they are working on a new 1080P Netflix client, I expect to see it get pushed out soon. Since I was busy launching the new version of this website yesterday and getting ready to leave for CES 2012, I’m a little late posting this. Our good friends at both Gizmo Lovers and Zatz Not Funny have already done a detailed write ups, complete with screen caps and all, so no reason to rehash it all again (and I don’t have the update yet!). A reminder that it takes several weeks for the new version of TiVo software to roll out to all of the boxes in consumer-land.

In related news, TiVo also released an Android version of its great remote control app. In addition to the iPhone and iPad, the app now works on both Android phones and tablets including the Kindle Fire. While you can use it as a pure remote control, the app creates a second screen experience for the TiVo. It lets you learn more about shows, browse the guide and schedule shows to record without interfering with TV watching. We reviewed the TiVo app for the iPad and its latest revision released a short time ago.

To conclude, it looks like TiVo is starting the year off the right way. We’ll find out more in Las Vegas this week. Remember to set your TiVo.

New Channel guide TiVo Premiere

The new channel guide for the TiVo Premiere


TiVo App on Android

TiVo's remote app is now on Android tablets and smart phones


Update: TiVo has started to roll out version 20.2 to all Premieres. If you don’t have it yet, you should have it shortly.

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