What to Watch on TV This Winter

January 6, 2012

Back to blogging! The other day I realized there’s actually three TV shows I’m looking forward to watching this winter. So, if you’ve been wondering what to watch on TV, here’s some suggestions for your TiVo. The three shows in particular are Downton Abbey, Lillyhammer and The Walking Dead.

Downton Abbey

In the tradition of Upstairs, Downstairs, PBS brings us another series about the lives of English nobles and their servants, set on the eve of World War I. I got sucked into season one on Netflix. Season two premieres this Sunday, January 9:00 PM on your local PBS station. Given it’s new agreement with PBS, the show should also be available the next day on Amazon Prime Instant Video (Amazon currently has a free documentary about the history of Highclere castle where the show was filmed). No word on when it will be available on Netflix.

Update: It turns out that Amazon’s agreement with PBS does include shows such as Downton Abbey for next time viewing. It appears the Amazon-PBS agreement for next day availability is limited to news shows such as Frontline and the Newshour. The episodes can be purchased on Amazon Instant Video and iTunes.


Lilyhammer is Netflix’s first original series or as I like to to call it, the Sopranos Ski Trip. The show stars Steven Van Zandt who played Silvio on the Sopranos. I really love his new charater’s name: Frank Tagliano. I wonder if we’re related? As I previously suggested, Netflix will not release one episode a week. Taking advantage of the streaming video medium, they will launch all eight episodes at once! You can’t add it to your Instant Queue yet, but here’s the page that should let you eventually do it. The show will be available on Netflix on February 6th.

 The Walking Dead

Finally, our favorite zombies are back on The Walking Dead on Sunday, February 12th at 9 PM on AMC. Click here to see a sneak preview of the first minute of “Nebraska”, the premiere episode. I have to say that last five minutes of the mid-season finale blew me away. There’s times when the show drags on a bit but you’re ultimately rewarded with a great twist. The episodes are also available the next day on Amazon or iTunes.

Walking Dead Season 2

I see a zombie


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