Amazon Prime Adds Discovery TV Shows

March 14, 2012

Amazon is adding more TV shows to its all-you-can-watch Amazon Prime streaming service. Prior seasons and specials from the Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Investigation Discovery, Science and Military Channel are all included. Some of the notable series include MythBusters, Dirty Jobs and Cake Boss. Amazon Prime now includes free two day shipping on select items, the video streaming library and the Kindle Lending Library for $79 a year. Amazon states that the agreement will add 3,000 more titles to their streaming catalog. It sounds like it will soon be time to update the streaming comparison.

There’s one other tidbit that stood out from the announcement. There are hundreds of devices out there that will stream Amazon Prime Instant Videos. Besides promoting the Kindle Fire, Amazon has highlighted the Roku over all other devices in the last couple of content announcements. The simple explanation is that the Roku offers the best Amazon Prime Instant Video experience in the living room. However, I think it also suggests that Amazon doesn’t have any near-term plans to develop a Kindle set top box. There are rumors of other types of Kindle devices being developed. I think it’s more likely we’ll see a Kindle phone instead of a set top box.


Amazon Discovery TV announcementAmazon Adds Discovery TV Part 2


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