TiVo Upgrades Premiere and Drops Prices

March 23, 2012

TiVo announced a capacity upgrade to the entry level TiVo Premiere DVR as well as a number of price cuts. Starting this Sunday, the TiVo Premiere will now ship with a 500 GB hard drive providing 75 hours of high definition recording. However, the cost of the entry level Premiere went up to a suggested retail of $150 from $99. The price of the monthly service plan for all TiVo Premeires was dropped from $19.99 per month to $14.99 a month with a one-year commitment. Also, the existing 150-hour THX-certified Premiere XL was cut to $250 while the quad-tuner Premiere Elite was cut to $399. TiVo’s blog has a write up describing all of the changes.

And here’s why it’s a good time to buy a TiVo…

In a related tidbit, Verizon FIOS started to inform customers that it was raising the monthly cost of its single room DVR from $15.99 to $16.99 a month. The price change goes into effect May 6th for customers in the New York metro area. I expect that other FIOS customers will see the increase sometime later this year. TiVo has made themselves more competitive with the cable DVR by lowering their monthly rate. On the other hand, TiVo raised the initial investment required from consumers. Here’s a suggestion on how to have the best of both worlds: The existing 45-hour Premiere can still be purchased from Amazon for $83. Those TiVos are eligible for the new $14.99 monthly pricing starting Sunday. You can always use the money you saved to add even more additional storage. Given all of the new functionality coming to TiVo this spring including an improved 1080P Netflix player and as well as streaming recorded shows to OS and Android tablets and smart phones (and the ability to download shows), it’s a good time to snag a TiVo. Be-Doop!

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