Best Buy’s DVD for Blu-ray Trade-In Program

April 25, 2012

Best Buy is running a DVD buy back promotion to drive in-store Blu-ray sales. Through May 12th, if you bring a DVD into the store, you will receive a $5 coupon for any new Blu-ray priced $9.99 or more. There’s a limit of 5 redemptions per day which is probably targeted against Ebay sellers. The DVD must be in its original packaging and be the original disc; not a ripped one. The only DVDs that Best Buy will not take back are pornos. Here’s the details on Best Buy’s site.

I went into Best Buy today to try out the promotion. It was pretty easy. I traded in an individual Farscape DVD in its original case (Don’t worry, I still have the complete series). It took less than thirty seconds for the customer service desk to exchange my DVD for the $5 coupon. Browsing through the aisles, there were lots of good Blu-rays marked at $9.99. However, by accident, I noticed Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II was selling for $9.99 (but marked at $14.99). It’s a Blu-ray that includes the UltraViolet Digital Copy (there’s a more expensive version that also contains a DVD). Final price was $5. This completes my Harry Potter collection since I’m going to pass on the Deathly Hallows Part I: The Harry Potter Camping Trip.

Best Buy’s promotion is probably a reaction to Walmart’s new Disc-to-Digital program. Although I have my reservations about Walmart’s program, I recently went to my local Walmart recently to try it out. Despite the posters in the store (see below), the friendly Walmart folks at the photo center were not able to perform the service and this was a couple of days after the official launch. Disappointing. Other folks such as Dave Zatz also had a rocky experience where a couple of trips were required.

While I don’t think the Best Buy deal will drive throngs of people into the store, it’s simple low-tech approach won’t disappoint customers like Walmart has.

Best Buy DVD Trade-In Program

Best Buy's DVD Trade-In Program

Walmart's Disc to Digital Program

Walmart's Disc to Digital Program. "Any place" doesn't include this Walmart.

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