Apple TV 5.0.1 Hands-On

May 19, 2012

Last week, Apple pushed out a software update to Apple TV, version 5.0.1. As it’s 0.0.x release, it’s mostly composed of bug fixes and has little in the way of new functionality. For fixes, there’s updates to Home Sharing, Airplay and Netflix as well as general performance and stability. As for the Netflix bug, when I first tested the new Apple TV 5.0 software, I was unable to log out of my Netflix account. That problem appears to be fixed now as well as one involving Netflix navigation. You can read Apple’s complete list of updates here.

For new functionality, iTunes Previews for movies and TV shows are now available in HD for select titles. In the Settings app, you can control whether or not Previews are available in HD (i.e. you would only disable with a slow Internet connection). The new HD previews look awesome but I haven’t found any in available in Dolby surround sound yet. If you want to sample the new HD previews, fire up the Trailers app and watch the trailer for the new Spiderman movie. It looks pretty awesome even though I’m surprised they felt the need to reboot Spiderman so soon.

Apple TV Spiderman Preview

Apple TV Spiderman Preview. Notice the "HD" badge added to the Play button

Apple TV 5.0.1 Update

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