The Dark Knight Rises Preview and Other Super Hero Movies

May 4, 2012

Yes, it looks like it’s going to be a good summer for movies. Personally, I’m trying to figure out when to see the the Avengers. With the release of the Avengers, it’s caused me to catch up on some superhero movies I haven’t seen yet like Iron Man and Captain America.  The first Iron Man is on this Saturday and Sunday night on FX. Last weekend, there was a free preview of EPIX on FIOS.  Now, you can sign up for a two week free EPIX trial here. EPIX currently has Iron Man 2 and Thor showing. The nice thing about EPIX is that you don’t need to subscribe to cable or satellite. In addition to their cable channel, EPIX can be watched on the PC, Roku, Xbox, Samsung devices, smart phones and tablets and other devices.

The one movie I am really looking forward to is the final installment of the Batman series: The Dark Knight Rises. Christian Bale is back and things don’t look like they’re going well for the Cape Crusader. The movie premieres on July 20th.

Here’s a little audio and video scoop on the last chapter of the Batman trilogy. Thankfully, director Christopher Nolan has a dislike for 3D. The IMAX version of the film has 50 minutes of footage that was shot with IMAX cameras (source IMDB (spoilers!)). There’s also reports of audio problems with the movie. In particular, Tech Radar reported problems with muffled dialog. Apparently, Warner Brothers was freaking out about it back January so hopefully it will be addressed by the release date. To help you wait until July, I’ve included the latest preview and poster.


Batman Dark Knight Rises Poster

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