TiVo’s Xfinity On Demand Launching in the Hub

June 7, 2012

Xfinity On-Demand on TiVo screenshot

While I’m not a Comcast customer, I would be remiss not to write about a story involving both TiVo and Boston (the Hub) given the name of this blog. Starting today, TiVo is pushing out a software update to enable access to Xfinity On-Demand for Comcast customers. On-Demand content can be browsed or found using TiVo’s integrated search function. Note, this is not a Comcast branded TiVo. The functionality is designed for TiVos that were seperately purchased and now connect to Comcast via CableCARD. I’m also glad to hear that Comcast is serving up HD content through the service. In April, the Xfinity On-Demand functionality initially launched in San Francisco. More details are available here on the TiVo blog.

It’s also worth mentioning that Comcast is phasing out its Motorola cable boxes running TiVo software. Those were the units that upgraded existing Motorola cable boxes and Comcast sent you a TiVo remote in the mail. These units will stop working in early August of this year. So, Comcast customers will either have to go back to the regular cable box software or purchase a TiVo Premiere. ┬áLuckily, TiVo is running a promotion for those customers to get a Premiere at a lower monthly cost.

Personally, I hope TiVo and Verizon settle their patent dispute soon. While FIOS does a great job supporting TiVo on their system, it would be great to also have integrated on-demand.

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