Logitech Releases New Harmony Touch Remote Control

September 29, 2012

Updated October 3rd, 2012 with official details from Logitech

A new Logitech Harmony remote control, the Harmony Remote Touch is now available for sale at retail. According to a post on the AVS Forum, the new remote control, was seen at Best Buy this morning. With a candy bar form factor and a touch screen in the middle, it appears to be a cross between the current Harmony One and the Harmony 1100 Advanced Universal remote (the one with the 3.5″ touchscreen). Like both of those models, the new Harmony Touch can control up to 15 different devices. However, the new Harmony Touch appears to have a much simpler button layout. Unlike the One, the Touch lacks the numeric keypad and the dedicated activity buttons. It probably relies on its touch screen. There was no mention on the packaging of RF capability.

From what I can tell, the Harmony Touch is so named because of its new screen. According to the packaging, the color screen supports finger swiping. You can also customize the screen on the remote itself and define up to 50 favorite channels. The remote also comes with a docking cradle/charging station.

According to the post, the Harmony Touch may be priced at $249. The current Harmony One is priced in the $200 price range (maybe we’ll see a drop soon). I’ll see if I can get an official confirmation on the Touch’s pricing

It’s good to see that Logitech is focusing on the Harmony line once again. I’m curious to see if this remote has any other differentiators. Most importantly, I like to know how it feels in the hand. Personally, I’ve been thinking purchasing another Harmony remote. I purchased a Harmony 700 a couple of years ago when I did a refresh of my home theater. Back then, I only had five devices so the six device limit wasn’t a problem. Now given that I have an Apple TV, Roku and a Blu-ray player among other devices, I’ve come up against the 700′s device limit. Soon as I get some more information about the Harmony Touch, I can decide if I should ask Santa for one.

Update: From what I’ve gathered, the Harmony Touch was put out on Best Buy shelves for sale prematurely. In addition, our friends at Zatz Not Funny discovered the unreleased Slingbox models at Best Buy today as well. The Slingboxes were apparently also put out prematurely as there was no way to purchase the devices. I don’t think that Best Buy is releasing products early on purpose. Instead it’s either mistakes made by individual store employees or there’s some issue with Best Buy’s inventory system not flagging the products properly. Perhaps someone with Best Buy experience will chime in to give us some insight.

Update (10/3/2012): Logitech has put out their official release announcing the Harmony Touch. There’s not much to add to what was reported above. Logitech calls the Harmony Touch, “next generation”. The touch screen is 2.4 inches. Its suggested retail price is $249.99 and it will be available for sale this month in both the United States and Europe. New photo below. Details and video on the Logitech blog.

Logitech Harmony Touch Remote

Logitech Harmony Touch Remote up close

Harmony Touch Remote

Logitech Harmony Remote - courtesy AVS Forum


Logitech Harmony Touch Remote side panel

Side Panel - Courtesy AVS Forum

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2 Responses to Logitech Releases New Harmony Touch Remote Control

  1. DaveZ on September 30, 2012 at 7:53 pm

    Since they had the Slingbox 500 price at $1000, which it clearly can’t be, I’d say these devices are flagged. But not everyone got the memo I guess. As Engadget HD Richard says, tis the season. Let’s see what else we can dig up. Given all these D-Link Boxee Box sales, I assume they’ve got some new hardware in the pipeline. Ironically, the Netgear NeoTV Pro was announced like two weeks ago, but Best Buy still doesn’t have it. Been trying to buy that one. Guess it’s hard to be a manufacturer.

  2. Mikeyts on October 17, 2012 at 9:03 pm

    Looks really cool but it’s sad that they choose to put those playback controls up above the touch screen. I’m pretty sure that I’d brush that screen a lot with my palm while trying to use those buttons.

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