Doctor Who Season 7 Part 2: Where to Watch, Download or Stream

March 29, 2013

Time flies and the Doctor Who Season 7 Part 2 premiere has snuck up on us. I almost forgot about our good Doctor but noticed the uptick in searches on the site for “Doctor Who Season 7″. Well, it’s a busy TV weekend with the Walking Dead finale and the Game of Thrones premiere both on Sunday. The premiere Doctor Who episode, “The Bells of Saint John”, will be broadcast on  BBC America on Saturday, March 30th at 8 PM / 7 PM Central.  For those cord cutters or trimmers out there in time and space, the episode will also be available for download or to stream the next day on Amazon Instant VideoiTunes and VUDU.

This season picks up after the Christmas special, “The Snowmen”. The Snowmen reintroduced the Doctor’s new companion, Jenna-Louise Coleman who also starred in the season 7 part 1 premiere, “The Asylum of the Daleks”. To get you excited for the episode, I’ve included the prequel to the Bells of St. John as well as the trailer for the season itself. Thankfully, this half season is a solid eight episodes. Hopefully, we’ll have a rich, complex plot worthy of Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary. As an extra bonus, I ‘ve added the teaser trailer for the 50th anniversary special which is a great retrospective of all eleven Doctors. So, ready your sonic screwdriver and enjoy the premiere.

Doctor Who Premiere Season 7 Part 2: Bells of Saint John

Bells of St. John Prequel

Doctor Who Season 7 Part 2 Trailer
50th Anniversary Special

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