Game of Thrones Season 2 Blu-ray DVD Digital Copy Review

March 28, 2013

I’ve been re-watching Game of Thrones season 2 to get ready for this Sunday’s season 3 premiere on HBO at 9 PM. For those of you with Verizon FIOS, HBO is free this weekend, so enjoy. Now for some thoughts on the season 2 Blu-ray: The recently released Game of Thrones Season Two Blu-Ray / DVD / Digital Copy impresses on many fronts.

Game of Thrones Season 2 Blu-ray DVD Digital Copy

The most impressive part is the audio and video quality of the individual episodes. I’ve done most of my Game of Thrones viewing via HBO GO. The quality of the Blu-ray is quite a contrast to HBO GO. I’ve rewatched the first four episodes and each time I’m amazed by all of the visual detail that has been revealed thanks to Blu-ray’s video quality. I can now see the sigils on each character’s armor such as Tyrion’s lion, Bran and Rob’s wolf as well as the kraken over Balon Greyjoy’s fireplace. I have never noticed how ragged and worn down Daenerys looked in the desert during the opening episode. Audio is just as impressive. The DTS Master Audio sound track brings some serious bass.  The opening scene of episode one makes a statement with the clang and deep bass of weapons colliding in combat.

This is also my first experience with HBO’s Digital Copy called “HBO Select”. On the packaging, it states you can get a digital copy of the show from iTunes, VUDU, UltraViolet and Amazon Instant Video. Instead of going to HBO’s redemption page, you can directly redeem the enclosed redemption code on each service. I successfully redeamed the code on iTunes, VUDU and Flixster (the VUDU redemption does not add it to your UltraViolet locker) but not on Amazon Instant. It was also a pleasent surprise to see that HBO provides a digital copy in 1080P and Dolby Digital on VUDU and iTunes. It’s the first time I’ve seen a Blu-ray’s redeemable digital copy available in HD.

Compared to many other Blu-rays and DVDs, Game of Thrones are comes with a number of compelling extras. Within episodes, there’s an interactive feature similar to whats available on the HBO Go iPad and web apps. The interactive features within episodes give good back story to the complex world of the seven kingdoms including house histories and character bios.  There’s also a number of animated features telling back stories of the the different houses. The stories are narrated by characters in the series and told from their point of view. There’s also an interactive app called War of the Five Kings which charts the progress of each of the contenders for the Iron Throne. Finally, there’s several in episode commentaries and an in-depth documentary on the making of the Battle of Blackwater Bay that I’m looking forward to watching.

There are also four easter  or “dragon” eggs on the Blu-ray set that lead to deleted scenes. Buzzfeed has clues for finding the eggs. Instead, if you don’t like puzzles, you can watch the deleted scenes here on Finally, the packaging is top notch as well.

There’s lots of shows I enjoy watching but few I would bother watching a second time. The better quality audio and video gives an extra dimension to Game of Thrones making the second season worth watching again. The Game of Thrones Season 2 (Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy) is available at Amazon.

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3 Responses to Game of Thrones Season 2 Blu-ray DVD Digital Copy Review

  1. Ben on March 29, 2013 at 8:20 am

    Nice read. Really enforced my decision to wait for the Blu-ray to watch the show. Sure it sucks to wait a whole year, but the quality is unmatched and the price is right — I bought the set on Amazon for $30+shipping and sold on eBay two weeks later for $30.

    • Gabe Gagliano on March 29, 2013 at 8:30 am

      Cool. I’m on the fence right now if I will subscribe to HBO to watch season 3. It would be nice as I am reading Storm of Swords right now. I’m curious to see how the broadcast version compares to the Blu-ray this weekend.

  2. Dave Carter on March 29, 2013 at 8:43 am

    Providing HD versions of the digital copies with blu-rays seems to be becoming the standard. My recent purchases of BSG: Blood & Chrome, The Hunger Games, Les Mis, and Strike Back Season 1 have all come with HD iTunes downloads. (And all of my UV digital copies redeemed on Vudu are now available as HDX, even older titles like the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies.) Of course, the downside is that those 1080 HD downloads can take a long time and a good chunk of disc space, an issue for those whose bandwidth and/or disc space is tight…

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