Free TiVo Desktop Discontinued, What are the Alternatives?

May 6, 2013

The free Windows version of TiVo Desktop is being discontinued. TiVo Desktop can by used to download shows to your PC as well as stream photos and music to your TiVo. This weekend, a note appeared on the TiVo desktop web page stating that the free version is only available until June 5th, 2013  (click on pic below to download the free version). A follow-up email was sent out to customers today as well. The free TiVo desktop version for the Mac will still be available. However, it’s limited to publishing photos and music from your Mac. You need Roxio Toast for the Mac to download shows from the TiVo. On the PC side, you can still purchase TiVo Desktop Plus for $15.95, reduced from $24.95. Apparently, TiVo Desktop Plus is required for Windows 8.

I’m not shedding any tears given the number of free TiVo Desktop alternatives available. kmttg is one example. Personally, I’ve used PyTiVo and iTivo for the Mac. PyTiVo is used to upload content from the Mac to the TiVo. I’ve used iTiVo to automatically download shows and then serve them back to my Apple TV via iTunes. You could say it’s a ghetto version of the TiVo Mini. Another option is to get a TiVo Stream to download content directly to your iOS devices or use a TiVo Mini to watch in another room. Finally, the Netgear ReadyNAS Ultra and Pro models can archive shows off the TiVo and copy them back as needed. The process is a little kludgy:  Set up a schedule on the ReadyNAS for archiving and then select programs to archive by setting “Keep Until I Delete” on the TiVo (an archive button would be nice!)

All of these alternative methods and TiVo Desktop respect the no copy or CCI byte set by the cable provider. I’m bummed as FIOS recently implemented this in the Boston area so premium content from channels such as HBO can no longer be downloaded. With the base Premiere model that’s a challenge given the small amount of storage.

 Thanks @brennokbob for the tip!

PC TiVo Desktop Discontinued

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