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Tech of the Hub is a home theater and gadgets blog dedicated to helping people obtain the best possible audio and video experience—without busting the bank. Based on first-hand experiences around buying, configuring, troubleshooting and enjoying technology, Tech of the Hub is primarily geared toward consumers and folks with geeky tendencies. The blog provides hands-on reviews, how-to’s, news and commentary on subjects such as: HDTV, surround sound, streaming devices and services, digital video recorders (DVR), Blu-ray and any other consumer technology we happen to find interesting at the moment.


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Gabe Gagliano is the primary author and editor of Tech of the Hub. Passionate about the application of technology, Gabe loves finding the best value from and getting the most out of his many gadgets. Professionally, Gabe is employed full time at Kiva Systems, which was recently acquired by Amazon. Gabe has spent most of his career in the information technology field in a variety of capacities. His past experience includes software startups, luxury goods, politics and government. Gabe is a graduate of Lafayette College and resides in eastern Massachusetts. The opinions and posts on this blog are Gabe’s own and do not necessarily represent Amazon’s position.

Christina Gagliano is an occasional contributor and editor for Tech of the Hub. At her day job, Christina provides public relations and copy writing services to the high tech sector.

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