Netflix UI Gallery

Each album displays screen shots from each Netflix player we have done testing on. We will be adding additional screen shots in the near future. Additional info on Tech of the Hub’s Netflix resources are at the bottom of the page.

Android Netflix Phone
Android Netflix (LG Optimus V phone)


Apple TV 2011 Netflix
Apple TV 2011 Netflix


Boxee 2011 Netflix
Boxee 2011 Netflix


iPad Netflix
iPad Netflix


iPad v2 Netflix


Just for Kids (PS3)


LG Samsung 2011 Netflix HTML5
LG Samsung 2011 Netflix HTML5


LG 2010 Netflix
LG 2010 Netflix


Panasonic 2011 Netflix HTML5


Playstation3 HTML5 v1 Netflix


Playstation3 HTML5 v2 Netflix
Playstation3 HTML5 v2 Netflix


Roku 2 2011 Netflix


Roku Netflix


Sony SMP-N200 Netflix


TiVo 2009 Netflix


Wii Netflix
Xbox Neflix
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  1. Rick on December 1, 2012 at 12:29 am

    I have a sony and the interface isn’t great. I really hate the rew/ff. The progress shows in the play bar at the bottom of the screen but the show keeps playing at normal speed. You have to guestimate when to hit the play button, and I’m always wrong.

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